Starting a Blast Lab blog

Blast Lab Ltd. is a R&D company focused on building hardware and software products. We are mainly interested in connected devices, NFC hardware solutions, internet of things, mobile application development, Bluetooth v4.0 BLE, EEG, Augmented Reality. That’s why we decided to create a software and hardware blog, which would make it possible for us to share our knowledge.

Our fields of interests are:

  • connected devices — hardware solutions connected through Bluetooth v.4.0 Low Energy (BLE) technology/WiFi with mobile apps on smartphones.
  • internet of things — electronic/hardware devices gathering data (sensors) and cloud software for further data analyse.
  • native mobile applications development — we are mainly interested in Android platform and building fast and highly optimised applications using NDK / C / C++ and Qt Framework
  • NFC — building and prototyping devices provided with mobile apps.
  • M2M communication / intelligent house — building solutions and sensors connected with WiFi. Mobile controlled locks, thermostats, gas sensors, current sensors.
  • Life-style devices and fitness devices (wearable computers)– building hardware solutions for health combined with smartphone.
  • Cloud computing (Big data) — database optimisation, mathematical modeling, statistics, business rules, fast image comparison.
  • Augmented Reality

You can learn more about us on our website, join our Hardware group and support polish community, like us on Facebook or even discover new products, which we are currently developing 😉