6 helpful advices to prevent losing your child

There is no good time for losing a child. When you are sunbathing at the beach or walking in a park, you always want to stay in touch with your children. Here we prepared few tips, which would help you prevent stressful situations, which change your afternoon walk into a horror.

Dress your child in bright and vibrant colours

When you look at thecrowd, you can’t recognize people by their names or faces, but you can usually recognize this neon yellow t-shirt or white skirt. So make it beneficial for you and your family, buy some colourful clothes for all of you and you will always be able to easily recognize each other, even when it would be a lot of people around.

Use a “what if” protocol

You never know, what’s gonna happen in the future, but you can easily predict, what can happen. There’s no better way to use it than developing this “what if” idea before going out with your children. Mark some very specific points, which your kids know and can easily get there, even when they would be alone. Maybe, tell them to follow the way which leds to your house or car. It is your choice, but your children should know the answer for this question:

“What if I get lost?”

Always have a recent photo of your kids in your phone

Nowadays, when we live in “the era of selfie”, this could seems obvious. But a lot of people still don’t have a recent photo of their children in smartphone. So just take it, it is one simple step that will considerably speed up finding a child in the future.

Share your phone number with your child

Just teach your children memorize your phone number. Or write it on your child’s arm with a permanent marker. It is waterproof, so it wouldn’t get washed off by water or sweat.

Make an “all needed information” card and put it in your child’s pocket

Tell your child that if it would ever get lost, here in its pocket are all of the information which it should use, when looking for help. Write there your address, phone number and another one, in case your smartphone would have no juice left.

Use a “loss preventing” device

You can buy a GPS tracker or give your child a mobile phone, but all of this stuff is usually heavy, uncomfortable for kids, not waterproof and well… It is expensive. So what you and your child need is something, which would be ergonomic, hard to lose and ready to work after few seconds of configuration is ready to go. This device is Kiddo. It is stylish and well-crafted bracelet, which won’t interupt your child and give you possibility to finally chill out.


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