Be smart! — Don’t limit your kid!

We want to take better care of children, but how to do it wisely?

There are solutions which seemed to be wise, but at the end are not good enough or cause awkward situations.

Yep, when I was writing about “awkward situation”, I had this photo in my mind.

“Leash for a child” is a device, which gives you 99,9% certainty that your kid wouldn’t get missing.

But well…

If I had to walk with my child like this, I would rather not walk at all.

GPS trackers


Having exact coordinates of the location of your child is quite interesting. On the other hand, when your kid is 5 years old, there are slim chances that it would go to a party. Everywhere they go, they go with you.

What is more, using such a device may not be so frustrating as the leash, but GPS trackers are usually big and heavy because of their unnecessary features. That is why they are really uncomfortable for kids to wear.

Nowadays, schools and kindergartens teachers love dressing children in reflective vests. It might be some solution, but if you lost a child from your sight, you wouldn’t be able to find it, regardless of him or her wearing the vest or not.

Moreover, you won’t force your kid to wear the vest on the beach or during a Sunday barbecue.

But there is one thing, which your kid can wear and won’t look odd…


This small bracelet simply allows your child to have fun without the stress of looking weird on a leash or in a vest and gives the guardian information on the child’s wherabouts.. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, Kiddo can connect with each other and give you control over the whole group of children. Kiddo bracelets can be used during picnic, school or family trip, as well as on the beach.

Kiddo is 100% water-proof, its battery lasts for at least one day and it looks like that:

Kiddo’s design is brilliant

So next time, when you would like to keep your children safe during a trip, picnic or having fun at the seaside, choose the best solution for you.