What it is like to organise a school trip?

All of us remember these little adventures when with the whole class we were going to a cinema, theatre or animal shelter. It was an amazing time. But when we were really young, like 3 to 10 years old, we didn’t pay attention to the organizers of our school trips.

For the whole time of the trip, our teachers and guardians were taking care of us, even if we tried to avoid the attention of caretakers and break the rules. While we were having fun, they had to be constantly vigilant. The number of teachers was dependent on the size of the group. Typically, the number of students was several times higher than the number of caregivers. Even though, there always was somebody watching over us.

But how is it possible to look after ten kids at the same time?

It is hard to imagine, but teachers and guardians of our children have to do it every day. Their work requires high vigilance and is associated with great responsibility.

In what way the technology can make caretakers’ jobs easier and at the same time make organizing trips less stressful?

Technology cannot replace people watching over children, but with its help they would be able to enjoy these trips like children do. The answer is security supporting device — Kiddo. It was thought that smartphones could give us this kind of support.

Is it wise to entrust the safety of our children to a phone?

Not really, because teachers don’t have time to call every child and losing a smartphone is very likely as well. We need something which won’t work as a leash and won’t limit kids and caregivers. Solution is a bracelet, which you can always wear. Kiddo works even if you don’t look at it and informs you when a child goes away from you. Practical locking system makes it nearly impossible to lose, waterproof casing and small size makes it comfortable to wear and use. This is a fantastic device which can make caretakers’ jobs much easier.

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