From prototype to final product (Part III)

Recently, we have talked about building your proof of concept and making the first series out of it. You can read more about it in the first and second part of our series. Today we want to tell you more about certification and finalization of the whole process of building a device from prototype to final product.

So what should I prepared before starting the process of certification?

Firstly, lets answer following questions:

  • What would my product do?
  • Who is the final recipient of my product?
  • Are there any legal requirements that my device must fulfill?
  • What are the security requirements?
  • Are there any industry standards? (quality of the product etc.)

IPC A-610F Standard

This standard is based on three classes:

  1. First one is about general electronic products. You have to make sure that the way in which people will use it, will not cause any danger to life or health.
  2. The second class includes products which are made to fulfill specific service requirements. These devices have increased vitality and their continual operation is necessary, but not critical.
  3. The last one — third class contains products which have to be particularly reliable. There is no place for any errors, manufacturing defects or inaccurate folding of elements, because somebody could die if this device fails. Typically, devices that require receiving certification at this level are created for the army as well as for health, traffic and space industry.


The process of certification isn’t cheap and that’s why you should take care about nearly everything when you build your project. Be aware of this fact, when you build your team, choose tools, which you will use and always follow the newest requirments for products like yours.

What is more, the process of designing the looks of your product plays major role, when it comes to certification. You can’t just put it all together. Everything should be planned and this plan has to be precisely defined in your documentation. This would save you a lot of money and help you to launch your product successfully!

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