How Having Fun at This Old Playground Isn’t as Bad as You Think

Having fun on the playground is one of the best memories from childhood. Every time we went there, we met somebody new and then we had fun with them for the rest of the day. Sometimes there were accidents, quarrels or somebody used sand to inform you, that theirs toy is their. All in all, it was a great time.

The only case which bothered our minds was being under constant control of our parents. They warned us about people who don’t always have good intentions. We weren’t afraid of time, place or weather, but people. We had to say to our parents or grandparents, where we were and what were we doing or they took us to places like this:

Our parents’ warnings were absolutely fine, but the solution is not to surround the playground with a fence and make it look like a prison exercise yard. When I was a child, I didn’t like when I wasn’t allowed to run with others to discover what’s behind the nearest hill. Children need space to have fun, run and play hide-and-seek 😉

So what is the best way to get back to the cool playgrounds like this one, which is always present in our memories?

Obviously, it isn’t as safe as the previous one and we can’t have eye contact with our child while we are sitting in one place. On the other hand, childhood is all about discovering the world as well as having fun, so we shouldn’t limit our children. It’s better to give them the feeling of being safe and the possibility to play with others in places which they find extraordinary.

So the reasonable way to connect fun with safety is Kiddo. Your child would know that you are nearby and if anything bad happens you as a parent can react instantly. The best alarm is a child’s scream or cry. But you have to be quite close to hear it. Here helps Kiddo bracelets. This system would monitor the distance between you and your child and will notify you, if your kid goes away. This makes having fun on the playground less stressful and allows both of you to enjoy your time.

So maybe next time, when your child would like to play hide-and-seek in various places, don’t be afraid of letting them do it. Use Kiddo system. Your kid won’t leave the playground without your knowledge;) Sit down, let them play. Your child will be grateful for this!

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